Our DOGs

Meet Our Dogs

All Our Dogs are Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles that have been genetically tested, certifies in OFA and register with WALA. 

Meet Ruby

Ruby was our first dog is the OG. She has a curly coat in Apricot color with a great personality and temperament.

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Meet Latte

Latte is beautiful lavender female with blue-green eyes. She was a wavy coat and it’s the sweetest dog, always ready to play with her plushies.

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Meet Rosie

Rosie is our Mini Female. She is high energetic, always smiling and ready to play. She has a silky red coat with white marks and beautiful green eyes.

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Meet Valentina

Valentina is our curly coat beige color female. She is exactly like Ruby just lighter color. She loves cuddles, kisses and loves cuddles.

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