Benito & Oreo 

We are offering Australian Labradoodle multigenerational studs service starting May 2022.

Our studs can provide approved breeding females through natural breeding or AI (Artificial Insemination) to approved Australian Labradoodle females.  

We can meet for Natural breeding or we will collect chilled semen for your veterinarian’s use. All semen is reviewed for its quality prior to shipping and arriving at your veterinarian’s office within 24 hours.

If you are interested in hiring one of our Studs please view the list of requirements for stud service and contact us if you have any additional questions. 

Dam Owner Requirements

  • A health certificate and a (-) brucellosis test within 15 days, if natural breeding is done, prior to breeding.
  • A copy of all health testing. A minimum of hip and eyes must be done.
  • A copy of the pedigree.
  • If AI is done Dam owner is responsible for all charges related to the collection and shipping of semen
  • Dam owner agrees to have all puppies spayed or neutered prior to leaving to their pet families unless retained as breeding stock.
  • If you would like a copy of our complete Stud service contract please email us: 

We will provide: 

  • A copy of the pedigree
  • A Copy of all health testing
  • A copy of registration if necessary.
  • A copy of Stud contract

If you are interested in learning more about our Studs service. Click her and submit an Stud Inquiry .